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Essential liability cover for your business

Every business needs to be covered with public liability insurance because, let’s face it, accidents are going to happen. The costs of not being covered can be prohibitive, and, for smaller businesses, could even threaten their future.

Tradesman Insurance 4u allows you to select the package that best fits your needs. Companies can buy public liability insurance as part of their overall business insurance policy or separately, it is just a matter of individual preference.

Unless a company or job requires you to have public liability insurance, It’s up to you to decide whether you need it (it’s not a legal requirement), but it's common to find that businesses that interact with the general public usually have it.

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What is public liability insurance?

Having public liability insurance is not usually a legal requirement, but if a company interacts with the general public it is always a good idea. While many packages are designed for small businesses they can also be applied to larger corporations.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect a company if a member of the public is injured while dealing with your firm, or if a third party’s property is damaged by your activities. It can cover legal expenses as well as compensation claims.

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Electrician with Public Liability insurance

What does public liability insurance cover?

These insurance products are designed to cover a firm for compensation and legal fees relating to injury to a member of the public relating to your business activities, or damage to their property.

For example, if a plumber is working on the central heating system of a household and does the job incorrectly, it could lead to severe water damage. The householder could make a claim for repairs needed after a flood caused by your company, and the public liability insurance package could cover this.

Public liability insurance is designed to:

  • Cover for injury or death to members of the public caused by a firm’s business activity.
  • Cover for any compensation payment due for loss of or damage to property.
  • Cover legal expense of defending a claim.
Plumber with Public Liability insurance

Do I need public liability insurance?

Any company that regularly comes into contact with members of the public would be strongly advised to take out public liability insurance cover. If your business is sued for a client’s injury or damage to property the legal and compensation bill could be huge. Insurance may well be able to cover this. Firms should bear in mind that they could be liable whether the incident happens on their premises or at a site at which they are operating.

Is public liability insurance required by law?

There is no legal requirement in Britain for a company to take out public liability insurance, but it is required under some client contracts, as some companies refuse to do business unless there is cover in place. Some professional bodies demand a minimum level of business insurance and regulators in some industries insist on it.

How does public liability insurance work?

We recently came across the case of a new housing development in the Midlands in which the staircases had been incorrectly fitted in each of the five houses. This meant that the new owners had to replace the staircases at some expense. They claimed around £15,000 for the remedial building work and for the inconvenience. This was covered by the builder’s public liability insurance policy, except for the £250 excess, which is the part of the claim that the policyholder has to pay.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect a company if a member of the public is injured while dealing with your firm, or if a third party’s property is damaged by your activities. It can cover legal expenses as well as compensation claims.

How much public liability insurance do I need?

The level of public insurance liability needed varies widely from company to company, so it is important to check the policy for every new job or contact. Companies working for the government are generally required to be covered for up to £10m. At Tradesman Insurance 4u we offer a minimum of £1m in public liability cover.

Ensure you get the coverage you need

  • When choosing what type or even types of liability insurance you will take, make sure you read all documentation carefully before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Make sure you choose the right limit of indemnity that won't leave you or your business at risk.
  • Make sure you have an accurate replacement value of tools and property, so that you can adequately replace your vital equipment that earns you your living, should something happen
  • If you engage people in employment, even in your own residence, you are legally mandated to take out employer’s liability insurance. if you fail to do so, you could pay heavy fines.
  • Whether it's a legal requirement or not, ensure you get the right types of insurance to protect what matters most, your business.

What types of cover can I get?

From public liability insurance to employer's liability, professional indemnity to additional tool cover, we offer a wide range of insurance options to protect you and your business, find out more by heading to our insurance cover types section. If you still have more questions, head to our business insurance FAQs section or give us a call and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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Why is public liability insurance important?

The risk of not being covered is not worth it, because the costs of a claim against a company that doesn’t have public liability insurance could be potentially bankrupting, whereas the cost of the insurance is not usually too great. No matter how professionally a business operates there is always the possibility of an accident or unforeseen circumstance that could lead to a claim. A company that is covered can work confidently in the knowledge that legal fees, compensation or medical costs arising from a claim will be met.

Public liability insurance is also a must for doing some types of business, as some clients will refuse to sign a contract without seeing your insurance policy details. This can be an effective marketing tool, and at Tradesman Insurance 4u we offer a proof of policy badge that firms can put on their website, which they can link to their public liability insurance certificate.

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