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Our tradesman blog is here to offer you help and advice not only about your business, but about your home as well. From tips to protect your home during the cold winters, to advice on how to find new business online - we've got you covered.
We'll also give you a nudge in the direction for your insurance needs - whether it's public liability insurance or additional tool cover, or trade specific insurance, it is our speciality after all!
So for all your tradesman needs keep up to date with all things 4u.

A human hand touching a robot one
Utilising AI to Enhance Your Tradespeople Website

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just for tech giants; it’s a game-changer for tradespeople looking to boost...

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Posted on April, 15, 2024

Building being demolished by CAT vehicle
A Day in the Life of a Demolition Contractor

It's 6am, and you're already up and ready for another day of demolition work. As a UK-based demolition contractor,...

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Posted on April, 18, 2023

A pretty woman surrounded by flowers in an artistic view
Beyond the Tools: Our Sister-Company Salon Insurance 4u

Do you know a beautician looking to save on their insurance? At Tradesman Insurance 4U, we're proud to be the...

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Posted on March, 30, 2023

Builders having a conversation about scaffolding in the distance
Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance: Protecting Your Business with Tradesman Insurance 4u

Running a scaffolding business can be a profitable venture, but it also comes with a high level of risk. Accidents...

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Posted on March, 29, 2023

Tradesperson working at height on scaffolding
Isn't Scaffolding Public Liability Insurance Glamorous?!

If you're a scaffolding contractor in the UK, you're probably well aware of the importance of having the right...

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Posted on December, 07, 2022

Roof being constructed, full of potential pitfalls
Dropping a tile on someones head? Definitely not me!

As a roofer, you know the importance of having the right tools and equipment for the job. But have you thought...

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Posted on December, 02, 2022

Large construction site full of scaffolding
Why is Scaffolding Insurance so important anyway?

Scaffolding insurance, also known as scaffold insurance, is a type of insurance designed to protect individuals...

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Posted on December, 02, 2022

Scaffolders working hard and at height
A day in the life of a Scaffolder

Whether you’re interested in learning more about scaffolding as a career, or an experienced scaffolder looking to...

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Posted on July, 06, 2022

Tradesman and client shake hands after agreeing more business
Boost Business With Tradesman Recommendations

If you are looking to boost your business and increase revenue, it helps to get more recommendations from your...

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Posted on July, 05, 2022

Robot sitting on box
Will Robots really take our construction jobs?

Technology is all fun and games until it takes our jobs from right under our noses and there is absolutely nothing...

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Posted on July, 08, 2020

Electrical Contractor at work
Building your Electrical Contractor Business

Every Electrical Contractor knows that getting clients is the most challenging part. There are lots of contractors...

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Posted on October, 21, 2019

Saving money on your tax bill
Top 10 ways to reduce your tax bill

Are you a sole trader in the UK looking for...

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Posted on January, 14, 2019