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Protect yourself with personal accident insurance

What exactly is it?

It simply refers to compensation for any injury, or death by accident. You can add personal accident insurance to your tradesman insurance policy, which offers round the clock protection. This means, you qualify for compensation even in the event that you sustain an injury while away from work.

What does it cover?

Besides simply covering injury and death as a result of an accident, personal injury insurance also covers payments such as income lost, medical fees and hospitalisation benefits up to the maximum limit of the policy. Take note, the maximum offered is usually around £10,000 for personal injuries and £20,000 for cases which end up in death.

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Accidents happen on building sites - do you need personal accident insurance?

Personal accident Insurance: Do I need it?

Frankly speaking, it is entirely up to you to choose whether or not you actually need this kind of cover. Generally speaking however, it is important to always keep in mind the fact that personal injury insurance can be very convenient for anyone, especially for those who work in environment in which accidents are more likely to occur i.e. construction sites.

Building Contractor with PI insurance

How much of it do I need?

Tradesman Insurance 4u presently offers a single level for personal accident cover. It features offers starting from £10,000 for injuries to as much as £20,000 for death. Keep in mind the maximum pay-out which one is entitled to is usually determined by the nature of the injury sustained.

Building Contractor with PI insurance

Is having personal accident insurance really necessary?

As already mentioned personal injury insurance can be useful for just about anyone. As a matter of fact, you are absolutely free to decide personal accident insurance is necessary for you since you work or operate in a fairly risky environment. It can be deemed necessary for any line of work where you have the possibility to obtain an injury and are unable to work - leaving it difficult to make ends meet.

Personal accident insurance is tax deductable

Is it tax deductible?

Another good thing about personal injury insurance is the fact that it is not subject to tax, since it is not strictly a business expense. Take note, business insurance such as professional indemnity, employers’ liability insurance as well as public liability are all tax deductible. For this reason, you can deduct the cost from your earnings when calculating your taxable income.

How to get personal accident insurance from us

The simplest way to get a personal accident insurance from Tradesman Insurance 4u is by adding it on to your tradesman insurance when selecting your preferred cover types. Keep in mind, filling out our online quote form serves as a guarantee to set up your policy in a few very simple steps.

Why Tradesman Insurance 4u?

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An example of a claim

A professional tree cutter in the process of operating a fairly large piece of machinery sustains a serious body injury after losing concentration temporarily. His personal cover gives out an initial lump sum to help him manage the injury, after which he is given an additional £50 every night for at least two nights spent in hospital stay (as an inpatient). Also, in the event that he takes some time off work following the accident, he is entitled to as much as £200 every week from the service provider for his absence from work.

Personal accident insurance for the self-employed

If you are working as an employee, accident insurance will be, above all else, very useful cover since under normal circumstances you might not have any side income to count on while nursing your injuries as a result of an accident at work. Protect how you earn your income, today.

Personal accident insurance policy details

  • Tradesman Insurance 4u is able to offer accident insurance for whatever kind of business it is that you operate.
  • We also offer accident insurance not only for individuals, but also for groups. Simply put, you can easily cover yourself or better yet, also cover employees as well as your directors.
  • Personal accident insurance on offer by Tradesman Insurance 4u is also available to sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.
  • You should also be aware that this insurance does not cover sickness. This is because it is exclusively designed to offer pay-outs in the event of a personal accident.

In addition to all of the above, be aware that in case your business is not able to function because of a natural disaster such as flood or fire, you would not be covered.

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