Roofing: A High-Risk Profession

Posted almost 6 years Ago

Roofer with Liability Insurance

Among all the trades, roofing is perhaps one of the most dangerous. The great heights involved increases the risk of expensive accidents. For instance, if a tile falling from the roof hits a parked car, it is more than likely going to cause extreme damage. The results are catastrophic when it’s actually a person falling from the roof. Statistics show that approximately 50 roofers fall to their death every year and many others sustain severe injuries.

Apart from a fall, the equipment and toxic materials used by roofers also pose a risk to other people and their property. For instance, hot torches used by roofers can cause fire damage. These risks make liability claims in the industry a common phenomenon. If you are keen on keeping your business thriving, you must have a roofers’ insurance policy that reflects the reality of your business activities.

What is Roofers Insurance?

Roofers’ liability insurance offers critical protection for unforeseen roof construction accidents that you may be held liable for. If your employees, clients or third parties are injured or have their property damaged as a result of your business activities, you are required to compensate them. That is what the ethical duty requires of you. Some compensation claims run into millions meaning that they can easily drive you out of business. A roofers’ insurance cover protects you against the unexpected financial issues that may arise. It’s perfect for self-employed roofers as well as large roofing companies.

Important Insurance Covers to Consider

Roofers’ insurance policies come with many cover options. Remember that you face a unique set of risks because your business is also unique. You, therefore, need to select the combination of coverage that is the most suitable for your business. Below are some covers that we recommended roofers to include in their business protection plans.

· Public Liability Insurance:

As a roofer, it’s inevitable that you will interact with the public in your daily activities. This interaction increases the risk of accidents that may leave you with huge legal bills to settle. Although you can’t stop accidents from happening, you can secure protection against them by including public liability insurance in your roofers’ insurance portfolio. It covers you in case your business causes personal injury to someone or damages their property. Although optional, public liability insurance is a necessity for every roofer.

· Employers’ Liability Insurance:

The law in the UK requires you to include this cover if you have any staff in your business. These may include employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff. Employers’ liability insurance covers claims from any member of your staff who has become seriously ill or suffered injury as a result of working for you.

· Personal Accident Insurance:

As the business owner, you can also get injured on the work site. Here, you won’t have anyone launching a claim against you. However, you need protection against this risk because an accident can leave you unable to work. Personal accident insurance covers lost earnings as well as medical costs resulting from an accident that causes significant injury to you. You should consider this cover because it’s a vital income replacement during tough times.

· Tools, Materials and Equipment Insurance:

A good job is only possible with the proper tools. Any theft or damage can render you unable to perform your work. Tools, materials and equipment insurance covers the costs of replacing or repairing your tools. It’s a sure round the clock protection for your tools that keeps you working without any worry.

· Contract Works Insurance:

Every roofer dreams of landing a large contract because of the obvious reasons. A large contract means a big pay cheque after the completion of the contract. However, you aren’t always guaranteed that you will complete the job successfully. Sometimes, the unexpected can happen. If you are an out-of-pocket business owner, you may find yourself on the losing end if the contract stipulates that you are responsible for damage to the works you are involved in. You lose not only your money but also your precious time. In this case, taking a contract works cover can be a wise decision.

What We Can Do For You

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