Why is liability insurance so vital for a Scaffolder?

Posted over 7 years Ago

A scaffolder working with confidence knowing he has reliable Liability Insurance

For those of you in the process or thinking of becoming a scaffolder, you know that your days are spent erecting scaffolding for construction companies, stadiums, and events. Some of you may even work for oil platforms, mines, or even parades, and movies. You can really work in all walks of life which increases the risks you face daily. Your job is too plan, implement, build, test, retest, and then break down scaffold structures for whatever project you are working. The structure must be inspected for safety and continued structural soundness and can be anywhere from, a few to 100’s of feet, so safety and the possibility of injury or accidents is quite high. This is where public liability insurance steps in. Most of us do not have the finances to cover an accident if we should be negligent in our duties or even should some type of accident or disaster occur.

What is Public Liability Insurance and What does it cover in regards to you as a scaffolder?

Public Liability insurance is a type of insurance that covers the business should injury to your customer or third parties occur or damage to said properties happens and covers everything from:

  • Materials that fall and damage people or property
  • Unauthorised access or theft of materials
  • Sub-contractors
  • Damage to customer and/or third party property
  • Customer and/or third party injuries

It is a vital protection for you and your business to operate smoothly. Most insurance companies, offering this type of insurance to scaffolders, can tailor coverages, limits, and specialisations to your needs and any Google, Bing, Yelp, or internet search of your preference, can pull a plethora of selections for you to make you best educated decision on who to go with. Nowadays most companies offer free quotes and even comparison shopping so that you can get the most bang for your buck with the best quality and service.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Because of the nature of what you do: the risks assessed with your line of work, the frequency of claims of accidents and injuries in regards to the scaffolding business, you need to ensure you that yourself, your sub-contractors/employees, your customers, equipment, and bystanders are fully protected and covered.

In closing Liability insurance is something you need in your line of work and something that ensures that you can keep your doors open, or in your case, your structures being built and raised for construction crews, football matches, parades, oil rigs, mines, and anything else you can think of that need your special skills and erecting platforms that allow business to remodel, build, and repair structures they have.

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